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Thread: How to get rid of runtime error 3146 ODBC

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    How to get rid of runtime error 3146 ODBC

    I'm getting this error Run-Time error 3146 ODBC - Call failed when i try to make connection to the database using the SQL queries, I am using SQL 2000 and Access 97, I am getting this error while SELECTING, UPDATING and INSERTING record, but gives me a "Run-time error 3146 ODBC--call failed" on the second one from rs1. Both rs and rs1 are queries. The documentation for this error is quite limited, anyone can help? I need solutions?

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    Re: How to get rid of runtime error 3146 ODBC

    Is the ODBC-Data source configured as System-Datasource? (The Systemdatasource tab when configuring the datasource) As the open connections accumulate, new connections are not possible, when the maximum (in mysql.ini file) is reached. it is known that DAO can appear to have blocked ODBC connection until QueryTimeout property of the database object (default = 60 seconds) expires.

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    Re: How to get rid of runtime error 3146 ODBC

    3146 is a generic failure to connect message. You really need to examine the complete error message in order to know the cause. It is likely that the problem is caused by a remote timeout on the server. I do not see how making the connection a "System-Datasource" is going to change anything other than the user accounts that can access it. I do not need multiple accounts accessing the data source. I just need it to ask for a password. The default timeout is 300 minutes which is exactly 5 minutes.

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    Re: How to get rid of runtime error 3146 ODBC

    Other reasons for having runtime errors include the incorrect loading, Once again, these can all be the source of missing or broken links in your windows registry, Excuting a stored proc to execute a package via xp_cmdshell and DTSRUN seems like a complex way to perform this. Why not executing the package from VBA in Access? See the article at for instructions and samples of executing packages from VB. thus it causes your windows to pop up these troublesome error alerts, or even worse problems.unloading of software, problems which may appear when you have a large number of applications on your computer, viruses and spyware, and so forth.

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    Re: How to get rid of runtime error 3146 ODBC

    In my case, I had some bad data.
    The user had entered a single digit in a number field where my SQL was looking for two digists. I was requiring two digits but the user entered a space as the first digit...<sigh> My bust.
    In my case the Front end was Access 2003 and the backend was MySQL. Hope this helps someone in the future

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