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Old 19-08-2009
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Executing Machine Language

I am currently learning c++. As newbie it is hard to remember all the codes and string values in it. anyhow i wrote a small program which allows a user to calculate a average of a number. So here i need so proper tips to execute a program. it should not pop up error but atleast give a simple average by calculation 3 numbers...????
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Old 19-08-2009
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Re: Executing Machine Language

Although programmers tend to use C or C++ or Pascal these days, the language closest to the PC hardware is machine language. Not one second during a PCS powered on lifetime passes where the computer is not executing machine language.
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Old 19-08-2009
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Re: Executing Machine Language

The equipment speaks in terms of the bits and bytes that we often spoke - like machine language. Therefore, with the purpose of to cause that its equipment executes its install program, instead of to limit itself to show them in the screen in its word processor, we must turn the source code that you wrote in English in the machine language that the computer can understand. There are two ways to do this - Compilers and Interpreters.
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Old 19-08-2009
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Re: Executing Machine Language

Here is the Example :

#include <iostream.h>

int main(void)

int count;
float sum, number, avg;

sum = 0.0;
count = 0;

cout << endl << endl
<< endl << "Enter a number. Enter a zero (0) when you have"
<< endl << "finished entering numbers and want to compute the"
<< endl << "average of the inputted numbers." ;

do {
cout << endl << endl << "Data element #" << count + 1
<< ": ";

cin >> number;

if (number != 0.)
sum = sum + number;
count = count + 1;

} while (number != 0.0);

averg = sum / (count-1);
cout << endl << "The average is: " << avg
<< endl << endl ;
return 0;
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