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Thread: Insert a Automated movie suggestion in a webpage

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    Insert a Automated movie suggestion in a webpage

    I had designed a small website for a project work. Now I want to add a automated movie suggestion in the webpage. That means like other commercial movie sites whenever a user visit the site it gives an automatic movie suggestion on the front page. So I want my webpage to show a movie or a video to the user whenever he clicked int. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Insert a Automated movie suggestion in a webpage

    By using proper HTML tag you can insert a movie in our webpage. First to link a movie by Floppy drive robot then assign the following tag to your web script - <a href="location of the move">Floppy drive robot </a>.
    Other thing you can use a simple basic command which is - <embed src=" location of the movie"> </embed>. You can also insert a movie by using image tage - <img dynscrc="location of the movie" start="fileopen">. There are much more command relevant to this.

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    Re: Insert a Automated movie suggestion in a webpage

    There are some third party tool which can do the work for your. You can download the software from multiple site. Or even you can try Dreamweaver. It is a fully functional web designing software available in trail version and a paid full version. Look for the appropriate software as per your use. Going on tag base can create a multiple error. You need to be expert on all tags of HTML otherwise you will not receive proper result.

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    Re: Insert a Automated movie suggestion in a webpage

    You can do the same by using Dreamweaver. It has a single option by which you can add multiple audio files to a website. First launch the application and then click the place where you want to place the movie. Click on insert a Flash Movie. Then browse your files and in the Property Inspector box set the desired height and width of the movie. Set the parameters and save the page.

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