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Thread: How to select email client in Adobe acrobat 8

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    How to select email client in Adobe acrobat 8

    I have a form I developed in Acrobat 8 Pro, I have some functions that will submit form via mail, When testing the function I get this text as the default body of the email. In Adobe 7 I got the Select Email Client dialog box, so I could opt to send the email using webmail account. Where can I change this as I want the people filling out this form to see custom information.

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    Re: How to select email client in Adobe acrobat 8

    Digitally signed PDFs are considered just as valid as manually signed originals by most companies and government agencies. Start up Adobe Livecycle Designer and select one of the standard templates, in this case I used the “Contact Information” template. The target audience are able to complete the form in Adobe reader 8, but when they click the "Submit by Email" button, the pdf is not getting sent back.

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    Re: How to select email client in Adobe acrobat 8

    When you make your form, I am assuming that you are using a button for "Submit Form." Under the properties choices for that form, there will be a choice for the format that the data comes back to you in..Creating and using digitally signed PDFs saves the time, energy, and expense of sending signed documents back and forth—and many people can sign the same document.

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    Re: How to select email client in Adobe acrobat 8

    If you have time could you please create a simple form and try to submit this form with Acrobat Reader 8 from an PC which the Email is configured as an Internet mail. Tab through to access the needed fields. Note: You can view all the form fields by simply activating the Tools>Advanced Editing>Select Object tool. Can anyone help in letting me know the exact reason for this behavior. Also, if I try to open in Adobe reader 7 , then even the "Select Email Option" does not work.

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