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Thread: How to create calendar add on visual studio

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    How to create calendar add on visual studio

    I wanted to create a calender where It should allow me to set the reminders, to-do list,day activities,notes and all that but it should be designed in an Visual studio's any application, This is actually my college time project which will guide me about how to make it in real time.

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    Re: How to create calendar add on visual studio

    As per your requirement these kind of application are available on the internet but am not sure about the code it is running, and they are payable as well, they will allow you to set your appointments, reminders their ActiveX component that allows you to create calendar and scheduling applications that can be bound to external databases. I have also seen applications which has three powerful, lightweight (ATL) components for calendar, task management and scheduling applications. So if you are in need of such you may buy it.

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    Re: How to create calendar add on visual studio

    ComponentOne Studio Enterprise includes components from all ComponentOne Studio subscriptions offering you over 180 components for .NET, ASP.NET, This brand new form would create a meeting with specific XML in the body and then save the meeting as usual. The user can then select the meeting and Outlook would recognise this XML and instead of displaying the normal meeting form, it would display my new form.Dashboard and Widget Toolkit lets you to create Google like dashboards in your Asp.Net application.

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    Re: How to create calendar add on visual studio

    you may download the calender add on the following destination http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.micr...?tags=Calendar through which you are ready to create rich user interfaces, thorough help systems and printed documentation. ComponentOne Studio Enterprise Doc Edition includes ComponentOne Studio Enterprise and the help authoring tool Doc-To-Help Enterprise Edition.

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