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Thread: How to execute or run SQL scripts in Access

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    How to execute or run SQL scripts in Access

    hello friends,

    I am aware that it is possible to view SQL versions of queries, but I want to know whether there is a way to run SQL scripts in Access ? If possible, where can I find the syntax to execute or run SQL scripts in Access ?

    Any ideas....

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    Re: How to execute or run SQL scripts in Access

    I don't know to execute SQL scripts in Access. But however you can try these four workarounds :

    • Export data to an SQL-based RDBMS > run the script > import back to Access.
    • Setup Access with ODBC and use an external ODBC-enabled SQL client to update the access date.
    • Use a text editor to batch and find/replace the script and put it in VBA format and then use that code in a Macro or Form action
      statement = <line from text file>
    • Write a VBA script that opens a file and executes each line of SQL.

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    Re: How to execute or run SQL scripts in Access

    In the database,
    - Create a query in Design View and close the Show Table window.
    - From the menu bar, click View >> SQL View.
    - You can type and paste your SQL statements into this window.

    To add dynamic SQL as a command button on a form, you will need to build a VBA procedure.

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    Re: How to execute or run SQL scripts in Access

    Well, the Jet Engine Access supports some SQL functions, but I don't know which ones are supported and which ones are not.

    Eventhough, Access supports a wide variety of database engines; you don't have to use the Jet engine if you need a more versatile back-end. You can connect to an Oracle database.

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