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Thread: Example Method for Drag and Drop in ASP.NET

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    Example Method for Drag and Drop in ASP.NET

    Hello everyone, Hello, I want to learn the drag and drop implemention in I trying to make drag and drop on but cannot Do so , I wanted to develop an application that should allow you classify photos via a drag and drop in ASP.NET. ,So Can you Tell me what tools should i used and what method should i use to implement to drag and Drop in , please Help me Thanks in advance

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    Re: Example Method for Drag and Drop in ASP.NET

    Try with Javascript instead


    <script type="text/javascript">

    //------------------------------------------------ ----------
    / /
    / / Function drag & drop
    / /
    //------------------------------------------------ ----------
    var drag;
    var resizing;
    var dragfromdive;
    var controlx;
    var controly;

    drag function (object) (
    dragfromdive = document.getElementById (object);
    controlx = event.x + document.body.scrollLeft - dragfromdive.offsetLeft;
    controly = event.y + document.body.scrollTop - dragfromdive.offsetTop; = 1999;
    drag = true

    function drop () (
    if (drag == true)
    ( = 0;
    drag = false;
    dragfromdive = "";
    offset = 0;

    function move ()
    (If (drag == true)
    ( = (event.x + document.body.scrollLeft) - controlx; = (document.body.scrollTop + event.y) - controly;

    </ script>

    </ head>
    <body onmouseup="drop()" onmousemove="move()">

    <div id="divtest01" onmousedown="drag('divtest01')" style="position:absolute;">
    <table bgcolor="red" width=45px height=45px>
    <tr> <td> </ td> </ tr>
    </ table>
    </ div>
    </ body>
    </ html>

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    Re: Example Method for Drag and Drop in ASP.NET

    Most of the JavaScript has been bundled into a reusable package called the ToolMan DHTML Library which you can download and use for free.

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    Re: Example Method for Drag and Drop in ASP.NET

    AJAX has revolutionized Web user interfaces, and ASP.NET AJAX has made AJAX available to the Visual Studio users. It comes in three separate downloads: ASP.NET AJAX Extensions (, which provides the core, fully tested set of AJAX functionality; ASP.NET AJAX Futures (, which contains experimental features on which the product group wants feedback; and the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit (, which provides a grab bag of AJAX controls as well as an SDK for building controls of your own.

    check this link form more information

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