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Thread: To open a popup window with no toolbar.

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    To open a popup window with no toolbar.

    I am a newbie with html & javascript so please consider me.
    I know its not right to tweak with the user browser, but I want to open a window in a popup but with no toolbar.
    Is this possible for us to have a popup window without the help of javascript?
    If yes can you please give me an idea to do the same?


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    Re: To open a popup window with no toolbar.

    Actually its nothing wrong doing that.
    You just have to put a simple html script for this.
    The script will even open your new window without toobar in following way & mold it for your popup window as you wish.
    This code will open a new window without toolbars, menubars, & so on for a hyperlink:

    <script language="Java Script">
    function openit(sURL){ newwindow=open(sURL,"newwin","scrollbars=no, toolbar=no, directories=no, menu bar=no, resizable=yes, status=yes, width=400, height=250");

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    Re: To open a popup window with no toolbar.

    To open a simple popup window:

    Code:"win1.html","Window1", "menubar=no,width=430,height=360,toolbar=no");
    Above syntax is to first specify the web page to load into the window. Next, set the title of the window. Last, specify the options for the window
    Note: the options are all in a single set of quotes.

    The code to close the popup is:

    <a href="javascript:self.close()">close window</a>
    To know the more options for a popup window & further treatments please visit.

    I hope this helps you understand the popups:

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