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Thread: php not showing me index.php

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    php not showing me index.php


    I have this problem with my php code:
    The Index.pgp page is not showing up in .htaccess at all.
    It doesn't show me the index.php page at all. Do you guys can help me with this?

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    Re: php not showing me index.php

    Let me ask you a basic question to you.
    Have you saved the page with .php extension?

    you just try to save this code with .php code & see if this works?

    echo "Hello World!";
    Second question is - DO you have installed Apache web server or IIS?

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    Re: php not showing me index.php

    I have a similar question regarding index.php page.
    I have this page on the server but I am not able to load it on the client browser. Every time I get a not found page error, Can you tell me how to get this site live?

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