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Thread: Quote Estimate Form for Web Development

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    Quote Estimate Form for Web Development

    I am learning a web designing course. I got a work for project work for which I want some solutions. I had designed a small business website. Here in the website I want to add up a quote form. That means if a user wants to design his own website then I want to give him a form that includes multiple user choice options and then I form will be answered. In a short term it should generate a quotation.

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    Re: Quote Estimate Form for Web Development

    You can multiple examples on the internet for you query. You can review them back and generate you own quote estimation form. The basic example can be you can start with customer general details. Like what is the company name, location, requirement, etc. Then add a purpose to use the site give some options. Also give a budget box also. Ask for layout and comments. Add a submit button and reset button to it.

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    Re: Quote Estimate Form for Web Development

    Quote estimate form is not a big deal here. You only needs to have a list of what you offering and what the user needs. For example Start with name box, contact details, etc. Then ask the user requirement like home use or business. Then gives check boxes for several options to select the user. Like database, flash, hosting, forum style, blog, e commerce, graphic, etc. Then give a comment and submit button. The comment box will help the user to add extra information.

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    Re: Quote Estimate Form for Web Development

    I have seen multiple forms which is used to generate quotations for a website. Here quote forms is helping a user to get the estimate amount required to pay to get a web service. So it simple. The very simple example is that start the form with reference box. Then make columns about the users information. First put a company name box then name, address, email, etc. Put a business nature box. Then give some options like use, web services, payment options, etc.

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