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Thread: Wamp vista 64 problem

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    Wamp vista 64 problem

    i have installed wamp but after started i am not getting anything as i typed local host .Anyone having same problem with vista 64 and wamp? is that due to improper installation ? any solution ?

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    Re: Wamp vista 64 problem

    I had problem with wamp but that was not like you for me that was crashed it directly some people suggest me to looked through the log and install everything manually. but i feel every thing certainly more complex. at last by bother some hoe able to solve that ..

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    Re: Wamp vista 64 problem

    Did you install wamp install properly ? Wampserver is software that contains a package of different things:

    * Apache: the web server. He will return pages (X) HTML, files, etc. ...
    * PHP: it communicates with apache and can handle PHP pages. It will return pages PHP treated apache which refers to the client.
    * MySQL: it is a management system database. We discuss below what a database.
    * PHPMyAdmin: You can go through PHPMyAdmin have an interface for managing your databases much more ergonomic than the console.

    All these things will be installed automatically when you install WAMP (Windows Apache MySQL PHP).for detail see this Installation and operation of WAMP

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    Re: Wamp vista 64 problem

    UAC have been outstanding check for it also , check that windows firewall off, the Apache server from outside may be approached? It may be due to that Apache is not running or may be on the wrong port.Apache is indeed and the log on the right port.

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