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Thread: How to execute a c++ program from EditPlus

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    How to execute a c++ program from EditPlus

    I was using Turbo C to execute and compile a program. Now I download editplus. But I am a newbie. Here I am not able to understand how to execute a program from editplus. I played around it and wasted some time but still there is many confusion. So here I want some steps to get an program run via editplus. Is will great full if listed with examples and last thing does editplus supports files comparison. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How to execute a c++ program from EditPlus

    Well the clear idea here is that EditPlus is a text editor not a compiler. It cannot compile anything by its own. But it can access and use another compiler tool. The most simple way to compile a program is to use command line. Launch command prompt in your system from start menu. Use it to compile and execute any program.

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    Re: How to execute a c++ program from EditPlus

    You had mistaken about the work of editplus. It is a full feature text editor. It is only use to produce a source code. Then to compile and execute them you will need a compiler. You can use your same turbo tool to run those programs. While in editplus you can generate the codes but cannot compile and run.

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    Re: How to execute a c++ program from EditPlus

    I am listing some steps for your query. I hoep this can help you out. You will need a compiler tool for this. Now here launch the EditPlus and follow the below instructions.
    1. In the menu bar click on tools and click on user configuration tools.
    2. Click on group name button in the new window.
    3. Here you will have to assign a name to the command and set it as per your need. Click on OK.
    4. Then click on add tool and select program.
    5. Fill compile for menu text, a command for c compiler in the command. In the argument select the down arrow and select the file path.
    6. Click on apply. Then select add tool.
    7. Fill the values execute for menu text, $(FileNameNoExt).exe in the command.
    8. Click on apply and ok.
    9. Here you are done. To see your work go to tools in menu bar and select on user tools group.
    10. Click on the created group.

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