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Old 11-06-2009
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.net datagridview mouse position

I am using Excel application in which one of my columns is hidden, and i wanted to develop an application, when i make my mouse tip overthere at that time it should be prompt me as the content of this cell has been hidden baut this should happen when i take my mouse tooltip over the hidden column content. I used to do this with the component one flexigrid, and that had a MouseCol and a MouseRow property that were ideal for this. is it this possible with the mouse pointer or with the tooltip ?
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Old 29-06-2009
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Re: .net datagridview mouse position

If you wanted to have the datagridview using .net then you will have to inherit from the DataGridView and override these mouse events as the selection change will always get called otherwise. here i will provide you to function with their argument to be used to call them.

protected virtual void OnCellMouseDown(DataGridViewCellMouseEventArgs e);
protected virtual void OnCellMouseUp(DataGridViewCellMouseEventArgs e);
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Old 29-06-2009
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Re: .net datagridview mouse position

I am displaying records in datagridView control when the form is loaded in the Windows Application.later i found that we need to attach an event handler to the DataGridView's MouseDown event. Because the DataGridView monopolizes the left mouse button, and it is very efficient at performing updates, inserts, and deletes, I decided to use the right mouse button for drag-and-dropping. One nugget was the MSDN thread dealing with pasting to the Clipboard with Excel ready input (MSDN PostID 238181). Selection of a row with the mouse, custom highligting of the row, and copying the selected row to the clipboard is done in one mouse click. This simplifies the user process a bit and leaves less room for error.
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