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Thread: How to Delete vswebcache Folder

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    How to Delete vswebcache Folder

    Hello , I Have Visual Studio 2005 installed on my computer , Whenver i Compiled a Project I Get this Error Message that 'Unable to write to output file 'C:\Inetput\wwwroot\....\...dll': The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process , I Was Told To Delete vswebcache Folder By my Freind , But I Could not Locate it Please tell me How Can i Locate and Delete that Folder Thanks in Advance For Your Suggestion

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    Re: How to Delete vswebcache Folder

    To Solve This problem you Have to add referrence to the files or the project. If you have added referrences to the files, then remove them and set referrence to the project. Additionally If there is two version of .NET framework in the server, I suggest you uninstall the Frameworks and install the release version of the Framework.

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    Re: How to Delete vswebcache Folder

    Hello , i Think Solution to Your Problem in Something Different ,You must restart your system and recompile again and also Try solving it by restarting your IIS by iisreset once if problem is still not resolve then I suggest its better to reinstall VS.NET.. ,and Finally the visual studio's vswebcache is a cache folder under the user profile directory: c:\Documents and Settings\[Username]\VSWebCache\

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    Re: How to Delete vswebcache Folder

    Hello , what Are WE Talking About Here the Vs2008 and Vs2005 dont have this Folders At All , This vswebcache Folder Was Used till vs2003 , Hope You understand That

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