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Thread: How to reset mysql password?

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    How to reset mysql password?

    MySQL Server will be installed with root superuser without any password.I can connect to MySQL server as root without any password. How do i set or reset the password for mysql?

    Thank you for any suggestions.

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    Re: How to reset mysql password?

    SET PASSWORD [FOR user] =
    PASSWORD('some password')
    | OLD_PASSWORD('some password')
    | 'encrypted password'
    The SET PASSWORD statement assigns a password to an existing MySQL user account. If the password is specified using the PASSWORD() or OLD_PASSWORD() function, the literal text of the password should be given. If the password is specified without using either function, the password should be the already-encrypted password value as returned by PASSWORD().

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    Re: How to reset mysql password?

    Following are the steps for resetting password in Unix environment:
    • Log on to your system as either the Unix root user or as the same user that the mysqld server runs as
    • Locate the .pid file that contains the server's process ID. The exact location and name of this file depend on your distribution, hostname, and configuration. Common locations are /var/lib/mysql/, /var/run/mysqld/, and /usr/local/mysql/data/.You can stop the MySQL server by sending a normal kill (not kill -9) to the mysqld process, using the pathname of the .pid file in the following command:
      shell> kill `cat /mysql-data-directory/`
    • Restart the MySQL server with the special --skip-grant-tables option:
      shell> mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables &
    • Set a new password for the root@localhost MySQL account:
      shell> mysqladmin -u root flush-privileges password "newpwd"
      Replace "newpwd'' with the actual root password that you want to use.

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