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Thread: Access classic asp session variables from

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    Access classic asp session variables from

    I have .aspx pages in my ASP .net project. The problem is i want to access session variable in asp page which are created in .net page. Is that possible to access session variables from Classic ASP to ASP.NET.

    Thanking you

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    Re: Access classic asp session variables from

    You can not use query and you can not pass the whole session if you want to pass a session variable.first store the session in your database and you can also configure this in your IIS for session variable.After that you can access database through asp like you access your database in normal way.

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    Re: Access classic asp session variables from

    You need to implement your own solution for accessing the variable of asp through You cannot use the ASP.NET and ASP sessions together by default .

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    Re: Access classic asp session variables from

    ' This is the page where we just set some Classic ASP Session Variables
    ' ASPPage2.asp is where the work is done.
    ' We graf all the session variable names/values and stick them in a form
    ' and then we submit the form to our receiving ASP.NET page (ASPNETPage1.aspx)...
    Response.Write("<form name=t id=t action=ASPNETPage1.aspx method=post >")
    For each Item in Session.Contents
    Response.Write("<input type=hidden name=" & Item)
    Response.Write( " value=" & Session.Contents(item) & " >")
    <%@ Page language="c#" %>
    <script runat=server>
    // We iterate through the Form collection and assign the names and values
    // to ASP.NET session variables! We have another Session Variable, "DestPage"
    // that tells us where to go after taking care of our business...
    private void Page_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
    for(int i=0;i<Request.Form.Count;i++)
    <%@ Page language="c#" %>
    <script runat=server>
    // This page is just a "proof of concept page"...
    private void Page_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
    Response.Write("Shared Session Variable Names/Values between Classic ASP and ASP.NET:<BR>");
    for (int i = 0; i < Session.Contents.Count; i++) 
    Response.Write("Assigned to \"" +Session.Keys[i].ToString()+"\""); 
    Response.Write(" Value: "+ Session[i].ToString() +"<BR>");

    As can be easily seen, all we need to do is grab the Classic ASP Session variables, contruct a dynamic form in a new Classic ASP page consisting of their names and values as hidden form fields, and submit it to our receiving ASP.NET page where we simply iterate the Form NameValueCollection , sticking the names and values into ASP.NET variables! You want to use Server.Transfer because its much more efficient than making another browser trip with Response.Redirect.

    To make it more extensible, one of the Session variables, "DestPage" is used to tell us "where to go" when we're done with our little conversion. You would probably want to set this in the page that makes the call to the utility page, ASPPage2.asp. In this manner, you can use the two pages ASPPage2.asp and ASPNETPage1.aspx in almost any situation. And don't forget - you can reverse the process just as easily to transfer ASP.NET Session variables back to Classic ASP! As a last note, one reader commented about how you would handle the fact that somebody was in the ASP.NET portion of your site and meanwhile their Classic ASP session had expired. No problem! Since you brought all your session "baggage" with you when you came over, all of it (including any new stuff) would simply come back with you into a brand new ASP Session.

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