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Thread: Recover deleted files in Eclipse

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    Recover deleted files in Eclipse

    Is there a way to retrieve files that might have deleted through Eclipse? I also found in some blogs that, Eclipse does not use the Windows 'recycling bin'. I have done some complex coding in my program because of which it also does not support version control. When I was trying to figure out exactly what the heck happened, I took a peek at the local history for my back-up file and Eclipse still had the record of my changes up to the moment I lost the file!

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    Re: Recover deleted files in Eclipse

    I use it on all my personal projects and recommend it to all my clients. You can right click on the folder node and from the context menu, select "Restore from Local History...".
    This brings a window from where you can select which file to recover (it lists even the deleted files)

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    Re: Recover deleted files in Eclipse

    Unfortunatly Eclipse doesn't have any direct way to recover deleted files so if you happen to delete one by acident or just thats really made for me most useful, unfortunately number of files because something went wrong you will feel the rope tighting up in your neck.Usually when I've added some discrete bit of functionality (whether it works or not). I've had issues in the past where I've wanted to go back to a revision in the local history only to discover that its outside of the local history range.

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    Re: Recover deleted files in Eclipse

    It's a pity, but Eclipse can't recover deleted files. Why don't you try some undelete software, for example ?
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    Re: Recover deleted files in Eclipse

    Right click on the project and open the context menu. And go for the menu item Restore from Local History

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