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Thread: Font initialization error

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    Font initialization error

    Hello friends,

    I am having a report which consists of many sub report.Everything is working fine until i give a print Command i am getting an error message as font initialization error.When i try to click on OK again i am getting again getting same message. Can anyone help me out with this

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Re: Font initialization error

    Try to reinstall printer driver, fonts this would might solve your problem and also try to take the printout from other printer might there would be some issue with the printer too.

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    Re: Font initialization error

    I have try to do that but still getting Font initialization error message.I have also try to get a printout through pdf Writer but it's of no use.

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    Re: Font initialization error

    It might happen that your file would have got corrupted thats why your are getting this message for repairing your database you need to use the software for downloading click here

    Now decompile: in run: msaccess "dbpath.mdb" /decompile. Compact/repair: in run: msaccess "dbpath.mdb" /compact .Compile: in VB editor: debug - - > compile.Finally create a new database, and import to get all objects of the damaged database.

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