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Thread: Interrupt Service Routine for windows

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    Interrupt Service Routine for windows


    I have know this is very difficult to analyze the code for the Interrupt Service Routine (ISR)for windows, and for that am going through the books which is useful for doing the same.I have also read IRQ8 is used in order to get interrupts generated from a pci-device.

    Is it really possible to do that? any relevant information related to this will be appreciated.

    I also have one doubt and that is need i have to program for interrupt service vector? It is possible
    under "visual studio" and XP?


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    Re: Interrupt Service Routine for windows

    An interrupt service routine (ISR) is a software routine that hardware invokes in response to an interrupt.ISRs handle these interrupt, and on the contrary return a logical interrupt value for those interrupt. If ISR check and requires no further handling then device is disabled or data is buffered, the ISR notifies the kernel with a SYSINTR_NOP return value.

    When an ISR notifies the kernel of a specific logical interrupt value, the kernel examines an internal table to map the logical interrupt value to an event handle.

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    Re: Interrupt Service Routine for windows

    It is possible to write the Interrupt service routine for windows in C but it would be very tedious, But i have read that When an interrupt occurs it the processor responsibility to save its state so that it can resume from the earlier point where interrupt occurred. By default the processor just pushes 3 values on the current stack. These are as follows flags, IP(Instruction Pointer) and the CS(Code Segment) register. However to successfully execute the program we need that all registers state be saved.

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    Re: Interrupt Service Routine for windows

    I will provide you the tutorial list where you could get the information on how the interrupt occurs and how it is taken care by the exceptions.

    I am also not sure about whether you have to do programming for interrupt service vector, for that you just need to try it urself, this would be possible when you googled as per your requirements.

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