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Thread: How to Set write permission to a folder

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    How to Set write permission to a folder


    I was successful in creating a folder through code. further that But i was trying to set the write permission to the folder so that i can assign to whom i should allow to access the folder. I have placed a XML there but when i going to recreate the XML through it won't. Please help me. If sample code is being posted it will help me very much.


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    Re: How to Set write permission to a folder

    I have tried out the following option to check on my install machine, I'm logged in as a low-privileged user. I tried run the setup.exe,and Vista prompts me to enter an administrator account to run it. After this the install works OK.

    you may also check the file permissions on The "c:\program data\company name" folder, I cannot view the "Security" tab, which I suppose is OK, because it's not an admin account. I then provide admin credentials and take "ownership" of this folder so that I can see the security permissions.

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    Re: How to Set write permission to a folder

    It is very difficult to provide write permission to any folder through coding..may be this is possible but i have never come across such kind of thing for coding in my experience...

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    Re: How to Set write permission to a folder

    If you wish to audit the file and folder permissions on your server, then you may want to look into using the "find" command. The following command will search for folders that are world writable:

    find / -type d -perm -001

    And the following command will search for files that are word writable:

    find / -type f -perm -001

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