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Thread: How to print Chinese character in ASP page

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    How to print Chinese character in ASP page


    I have a utf-8 unicode E999A2, which is a Chinese character. I want to print this character in the ASP page. But I am totally unaware about this. Does anybody know how can I print out this chinese character in a ASP page ?
    any ideas....kindly suggest

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    Re: How to print Chinese character in ASP page

    Did you tried to cut 'n' paste this text from notepad?

    If yes then when you select the Save As menu item, does it show the file encoded as UTF-8?

    These characters:-  are a UTF-8 Preamble. Actually, you should'nt be
    able to see them in notepad. If you are, then Delete them.
    Use Save As and ensure the encoding is UTF-8...

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    Re: How to print Chinese character in ASP page

    You can also use "Response.Write(chr(&H41))" in my ASP VB script to print out "A" on the page. But couldn't figure out how to do the same thing to chinese characters which is utf-8 based unicode.

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