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Thread: Mobile programming language Java or C++

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    Mobile programming language Java or C++


    I have fair knowledge of Programming and looking forward to develop an application on mobile environment but unable to decide which language should i go with, or any simple program that i could develop for mobile application, i have decided two languages such as JAVA and C++.

    please provide some guidelines

    Thanks in advacne

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    Re: Mobile programming language Java or C++

    The language you use will most likely be dictated by the device and platform you wish to develop for as well as the application you wish to create.

    Do you want to make an iPhone/iPod Touch app? If so, you'll use Objective-C.
    Do you want to make an Android app? If so, you'll use Java.
    Do you want to make a Blackberry app? If so, you'll use Java Micro Edition
    Do you want to make a Symbian OS app? If so, you can use C++, Java, .NET Compact Framework.

    You get the point. The platform or device may dictate which programming languages you have as an option. If you're developing for a platform that allows both C++ and Java, then the application you're planning on developing may dictate which language is the better option. To get better advice you may want to add additional information.

    Hope this clears you which language to prefer for your mobile application.

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    Re: Mobile programming language Java or C++

    Just thought I'd compile a list of the most popular mobile programming languages/OS:

    J2ME: Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME): The edition of the Java platform that is targeted at small, standalone or connectable consumer and embedded devices. The J2ME technology consists of a virtual machine and a set of APIs suitable for tailored runtime environments for these devices. The J2ME technology has two primary kinds of components configurations and profiles

    SYMBIAN: A company created by Psion, Nokia, Ericsson and Motorola in 1998 with the aim of developing and standardizing an operating system that enable mobile phones from different manufacturers to exchange information.

    UIQ: UIQ is a pen-based graphical user interface for Symbian OS found on the 2.5G and 3G phones: Motorola A920/A925, Motorola A1000, Sony Ericsson P800/P900/P910, BenQ P30/P31 and ARIMA ASP805 . UIQ phones employ touch screens with a resolution of 208-240*320 pixels and 12 or 16 bit colors. The latest release of UIQ is 3.0, but version 2.1 is still in common use.

    Microsoft mobile 2003/2005: This is the new, global brand for mobile software that runs Pocket PC and Smartphone devices. Windows Mobile strategically aligns a core Microsoft brand - Windows - with what has become a core focus for the company: mobile software.

    Microsoft pocketpc 2003/2005: Very similair to computers, this OS has allowed the porting across of some pc apps, and allows a lot of creativity for developers.

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