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Old 17-04-2009
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Problem with running Executables

I have some executable files which does not executes as i double click on it number times and it also does not give any error, what kind of problem am facing
such as am having quake, the executable is quake so I go ./squake and it says this:

bash: ./squake: No such file or directory.

I had proper setup of that file, Is there a specific package I need installed so it recognizes the files and runs them or what?
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Old 17-04-2009
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Re: Problem with running Executables

Is the file executable? Sometimes you need to change the permissions to make it run.

chmod o+x squake should allow the owner to run the file, or chmod +x squake for everyone to be able to run it. (You'll need to be either the owner of the file, or root to make these changes)
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Old 17-04-2009
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Re: Problem with running Executables

1.) What I do is, read a file, stat() on the file, create a header for my tar file, write into the tar file. And after I do the same for the rest. Is this more or less correct?
Sure, doesn't sound too far off the mark . . .

2.) I am having trouble with executables. I open an executable with emacs, you see very strange things. If I copy and paste this into a new file, it does not want to run no matter the encoding I put. Also reading the executable, the "read" command, doesnt read beyond the first 10 characters no matter what.
Try opening your file in binary mode. You can do this by appending a "b" to whatever fopen() mode you are using.

3.) If you open with emacs the executable or a tar file, you see and stuff like that all over the place. This is what a tar command (for example) does to make sure everything is in blocks of 512. How do I imitate this? I cant just write as it doesn't work. (i am guessing is some binary code).
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