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Thread: About keyword Append in SQL

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    About keyword Append in SQL

    hello friends,

    I wanna know about the keyword called append in SQL. What is the importance of this keyword ? How do I use it in SQL ?
    Can somebody help me providing some useful information and ideas regarding the same....


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    Re: About keyword Append in SQL

    In SQL, append means to merge or to concatenate.

    It can be appending anything, for example, appending two strings or appending two tables, etc

    Also, this function is very useful in managing queries. The append keyword helps to simplify queries to a great extent.

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    Re: About keyword Append in SQL

    SQL with fundamentally support it, but in communicating with MySQL you need
    to be careful to understand what you are doing. The result of your proposed
    query would be the same as the final query since that is what would be
    returned in the results set.

    You can union to queries which sounds closer to what you are after, but
    realistically the only time that a set of SQL statements make sense is when
    you are implementing some process (and insert followed by and update on a
    different table then a final selection). But from a programmatic side, each
    step should be isolated to understand any failure condition that might

    So the long answer is yes, but you shouldn't use that capability. Union (and
    its counterparts) is available to join query results sets but each query
    should be distinct from programming implementation. If you are trying to
    combine queries for processing then stored procedures are a valid option
    since they provide the programming controls and DB side native processing.

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