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Thread: Running a program under WOW64 on a program X64

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    Running a program under WOW64 on a program X64

    I just need a little confirmation.
    If I have a compiled exe which launches x86 exe compiled x64 B via CreateProcess or ShellExecute is it that B is normally performed in 64 bit mode?
    Conversely, it is an executable which launches x64 exe x86 launches automatically with the WOW64?
    And all this, never any problem of compatibility?

    I know this question may sound complicated but rather than continue with virtual certainty, especially eliminate once and for all possible doubt.

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    Re: Running a program under WOW64 on a program X64

    On 64-bit Windows, 32-bit programs run in an emulation layer. This emulation layer simulates the x86 architecture, virtualizing the CPU, the file system, the registry, the environment variables, the system information functions, all that stuff. If a 32-bit program tries to look at the system, it will see a 32-bit system. For example, if the program calls the GetSystemInfo function to see what processor is running, it will be told that it's running on a 32-bit processor , with a 32-bit address space, in a world with a sky 32-bit and 32-bit birds in the 32-bit trees.

    And that's the point of the emulation: To keep the 32-bit program happy by simulating a 32-bit execution environment.

    This i had taken from MSDN site,go through it and check whether it helps..

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    Re: Running a program under WOW64 on a program X64

    I will not mention WOW64 on x64, but different way to start fresh in WOW64 to emulate an x86 when it is launched from a x86 or x64, depending on the mode of launch CreateProcess, ShellExecute, and if is the possibility of any such problem by launching a 64-bit exe from an exe 32-bit while it is running under WOW64 ...

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