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Old 07-04-2009
Join Date: Mar 2009
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idea Search inside executable jar copy files out ResourceAsStream

i have ben working on this for a vary long time can some one heeellllp me i have tryd 100ds of whays it just dosent work heres my search and copy code

import java.io.*;import java.util.*;
public class search_and_copy
{int a=0,b=0,s=0;String path="copy";
BufferedInputStream in=null;
BufferedOutputStream out=null;
Vector files=new Vector();
Vector folders=new Vector();
public static void main(String[] args)
{new search_and_copy();}
public search_and_copy(){try{start();}catch(IOException e){}}
public void start()throws IOException
{File folder=new File(path);
File[] listOfFiles=folder.listFiles();
for(int i=0;i<listOfFiles.length;i++)
else if(listOfFiles[i].isDirectory())
public void Write()
{System.out.println("Directorys "+b);
for(int j=0;j<folders.size();++j)
{new File("copy to/"+folders.elementAt(j).toString()).mkdirs();
System.out.println("Dir Created: copy to/"+folders.elementAt(j));}
System.out.println("files "+a);
for(int j=0;j<files.size();++j)
{try{in=new BufferedInputStream(new FileInputStream(files.elementAt(j).toString()));
File outFile=new File("copy to/"+files.elementAt(j).toString());
out=new BufferedOutputStream(new FileOutputStream(outFile));
long totalBytes=in.available();int r;
long bytesRead=0;byte[] b=new byte[20];
catch(FileNotFoundException ex){}
catch(Exception ex){}}
System.out.println("File Copyd to: copy to/"+files.elementAt(j));}
System.out.println("Folder copyd");}}

if you can get this to work in jar ill be vary happy
the idea is no mater how much you add to the jar it self extracts
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Old 07-04-2009
Join Date: Mar 2009
Posts: 3
star Re: search inside executable jar copy files out ResourceAsStream

heres the full code

import java.io.*;import java.io.*;
public class ex_jar
{public static void main(String[]args)
{try{new ex_jar();}catch(IOException e){}catch(Exception e){}}
public ex_jar()throws IOException,Exception
{java.net.URL outputURL=ex_jar.class.getProtectionDomain().getCodeSource().getLocation();
String outputString=outputURL.toString();
String[] parseString;
int index1=outputString.indexOf(":");
int index2=outputString.lastIndexOf(":");
String jarFilename=parseString[1];
java.util.jar.JarFile jf=new java.util.jar.JarFile(jarFilename);
java.util.Enumeration resources=jf.entries();
{java.util.jar.JarEntry je=(java.util.jar.JarEntry)resources.nextElement();
{new File(je.getName().toString()).mkdirs();}
else if(!je.getName().matches(".*/")&&!je.getName().matches("ex_jar.class")&&!je.getName().matches("META-INF/MANIFEST.MF"))
{BufferedInputStream in=new BufferedInputStream(ex_jar.class.getResourceAsStream(je.getName().toString()));
File outFile=new File(je.getName().toString());
BufferedOutputStream out=new BufferedOutputStream(new FileOutputStream(outFile));
byte[] b=new byte[20];int r;
if(out!=null){out.close();}}}}}java program by damian any one can edit if you wont or you make it bater but repost the coad so i can see how it works or if its bater think you to hoo ever

dose repost

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