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Thread: CSS modified picture frame

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    CSS modified picture frame

    i am with less knowledge about this i want to know how to use simple techniques to decorate the CSS picture of skills, there is one very easy, just use a span tag and its application of the background map, which can make a very pretty effect yet flexible.but looking for some more so please any one knows reply thank you .

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    Re: CSS modified picture frame

    Very simple idea, is to insert a DIV at extra SPAN, and then inserted through the SPAN set background picture to achieve the effect of the coverage picture. If you do not want to insert extra HTML, there is no semantic tags, you can use javascript to solve.

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    Re: CSS modified picture frame

    Above code is the key to the div element set position:relative and for the corresponding span elements set position:absolute then you will be able to span through the CSS the top and left of the place to any place.

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    Re: CSS modified picture frame

    The PNG Hack for IE6
    Sample used in the background of the picture a lot of PNG to achieve the effect of a transparent cover, and do not support PNG transparency in IE6, so IE6 to use Hack to enable transparent PNG support, on-line so there is a lot of ways, here the authors recommend a: hack. need to download file and insert the following code to the page <head> label can.
    <!--[ if lt IE 7]>
    <style type="text/css">
    . photo span (behavior: url (; )
    </ style>
    <! [endif] ->

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