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Thread: Web developers text editor

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    Web developers text editor

    i am interested to start on some projects but i want to know some part about text editor. please tell me most popular Web developers text editor that can help me work better.please reply me with good variants.
    thank you .

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    Re: Web developers text editor , EditPlus, SciTE

    SciTE is a platform to support the use of Windows and Linux open-source text editor, at the beginning, only to demonstrate power developed. Since then it has become a full-featured editor. You can user-defined configuration file to extend the default functionality.

    another one is EditPlus, EditPlus is on a Windows platform and coding for HTML text editor. It has to HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript code highlight function, auto-fill with a built-in Web browser can be used to preview pages are being developed.

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    Re: Web developers text editor

    E - TextEditor is often referred to as E, is TextMate version of Windows. It has so many developers have a very intimate functions, such as it has personal version control system allows developers to manage different versions of the documents, and automatically on a regular basis to support the preservation of in order to improve the efficiency of development and security. This is about E are the shortcut keys Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet.

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    Re: Web developers text editor

    i think GNU Emacs is best , GNU Emacs is an open source, cross-platform (supports Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows) text editor. Emacs can be adopted in accordance with the needs of you, such as debuggers and note managers / organizers, such as expansion modules and a high degree of customization , highlighted source implementation to support a variety of file formats, such as features editor.

    also you can go for Gedit ,gedit is the GNOME (Linux and UNIX platforms, desktop graphical interface) official text editor. It allows programmers have a number of parameters and enjoy the rich features, such as support for the high seats and multi-code language, support UTF-8 text, remote editing and file backup. It also can plug-in system to expand.

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    Re: Web developers text editor Notepad + +

    nothing is best than Notepad + + , It is a GPL-based authorization at Shun Edit Windows released with much of the functional characteristics, one of the most famous are: Record to record keyboard, powerful search function to support the replacement of regular expressions, such as support for multiple programming languages.

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    Re: Web developers text editor

    TextMate is also nice ,TextMate is a website for designers and developers of the Mac platform, feature-rich editor. It allows users to customize their own style of interface, auto-filled text, and can be run in the document, such as Shell command.

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    Re: Web developers text editor

    Coda for mac
    Coda is the Mac operating system on the web page development tools. It is elegant and powerful text editor: Highlight the code shows that the number of rows, such as auto-filled.

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    Re: Web developers text editor,Vim for Linux

    Vim is a support for Linux, Windows and Mac OS's advanced editor. It is designed to improve as much as possible the efficiency of a text editor, Vim or a charity of software, all of the software will be donated for charitable support.

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