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Old 30-03-2009
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What are configuration keywords in SQL ?

hello friends,

I want to know what are the configuration keywords in SQL ?
What is its use and how are they used in the language ?

Can someone provide the details on configuration keywords ?
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Old 30-03-2009
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Re: What are configuration keywords in SQL ?

Configuration keywords are words or phrases that are used to group together parameters and parameter values (called config_strings in the DBTUNE table), which specify how data and database objects are stored in the database. Parameters and their configuration strings define the storage configuration of database objects such as tables, indexes, feature classes, network classes, and raster columns.

When to Use : Configuration keywords provide a convenient way to define multiple storage settings at once. You specify a configuration keyword when -

  • Loading or creating new datasets using ArcCatalog or ArcSDE administration commands
  • Creating ArcIMS metadata server documents
  • Building ArcGIS features such as geometric networks or topologies
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Old 30-03-2009
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Re: What are configuration keywords in SQL ?

This is important....I am going to mention about how you can use the configuration keywords....

ArcSDE searches the DBTUNE table for the parameter name–configuration string pairs associated with the specified configuration keyword. The necessary configuration strings are incorporated in the CREATE TABLE or CREATE INDEX statement ArcSDE submits to the database.

For example, if you create a new feature class in ArcCatalog by right-clicking a geodatabase stored in SQL Server, pointing to New, then clicking Feature Class, one of the New Feature Class dialog boxes gives you the opportunity to specify a configuration keyword to use to create your data.

You could choose the WKB_GEOMETRY configuration keyword, which has a parameter, GEOMETRY_STORAGE, which is associated with a configuration string of OGCWKB. This means the geometry storage method used for this feature class will be the Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC), well-known binary (WKB) type, rather than the default geometry storage type.

One configuration keyword—DATA_DICTIONARY—is used when the geodatabase is created because it defines the storage of certain ArcSDE geodatabase system tables.
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Old 30-03-2009
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Re: What are configuration keywords in SQL ?

Some additional information about configuration keywords you would like to know -

Source of configuration keywords - The initial source of configuration keywords and their parameter name–configuration string pairs can be the dbtune file. If specified, this file populates the DBTUNE table when the DBTUNE and all the other ArcSDE geodatabase system tables are created.

If you are using ArcSDE for Oracle or DB2 (all platforms), there are certain configuration strings you should alter in the dbtune file before you create the ArcSDE geodatabase schema. These fall under the DATA_DICTIONARY configuration keyword and specify tablespaces or databases for table storage.

Storage Destination -
The configuration keywords and parameters are stored in the DBTUNE table. New keywords can be created, values for existing parameters can be altered, and keywords and parameters can be removed using the sdedbtune administration command. For details on how to use this command, see the ArcSDE Administration Command Reference installed with the ArcSDE component of ArcGIS Server Enterprise.
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Old 30-03-2009
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Re: What are configuration keywords in SQL ?

Types of configuration keywords

Some configuration keywords are present by default in all database management system (DBMS) implementations of ArcSDE. Others are present by default for only specific DBMS implementations. Still others can be created or customized by the ArcSDE administrator. Among the keywords that can be created by the ArcSDE administrator are keywords used to control the storage of archive tables.

Default configuration keywords common to all DBMS implementations include the following:

Contains all the parameters ArcSDE needs, at a minimum, to work
Parameters in this group are used whenever an expected parameter from another specified group is missing or whenever you don't specify a configuration keyword.
If a needed parameter is missing from the DEFAULTS parameter group, ArcSDE detects this and adds the missing parameter. For instance, if you edited the DBTUNE table with the sdedbtune delete_data operation and you deleted one of the parameters in the DEFAULTS parameter group, ArcSDE would add it.

The parameter group that defines storage for the ArcSDE geodatabase system tables, which are created during the ArcSDE postinstallation setup

Holds the parameter group for all users who do not have their own keyword created. You can create individual log file keywords for specific users by appending the user's name to the LOGFILE_ prefix to form the keyword name.
For example, if the user's name is EMARROW, ArcSDE will search the DBTUNE table for the LOGFILE_EMARROW configuration keyword. If this configuration keyword is not found, ArcSDE will use the storage parameters of the LOGFILE_DEFAULTS configuration keyword.
The storage parameters you would use for this keyword depend on which type of log files the server has been configured to use.

Control the storage of topology tables POINTERRORS, LINEERRORS, POLYERRORS, and DIRTYAREAS.
An ArcSDE instance must have a valid topology keyword in the DBTUNE table, or topology will not be built.

Contain the default storage parameters for the ArcGIS network class.

Contain the default storage parameters for the tables of the terrain dataset.
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