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Thread: Problem with log data

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    Problem with log data

    I logged in an annex to the success of testicular function, including a Time Stamps. As the distance of two records with information
    on the cycle time of the plant output, I would like to identify. incl. standard deviation, etc.

    I want every record of his predecessor (if possible) identified and the difference in time from the time stamps, and on the basis of this, build a report. The timestamp is unique, ie. so it should go, but I do not know how? The database is PostgreSQL.

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    Re: Problem with log data

    Give the table sorted by date, and iterate with a script about it. This is the most elegant way, for all the difference to identify.

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    Re: Problem with log data

    Does not contain SQL procedural-imperative constructs. No, for other than PostgreSQL DBMS not. No, not at times Orrible. Therefore, most DBMS procedural extensions (PL / SQL at Orrible, PL / PgSQL to PostgreSQL, MS TransactSQL SQL Server, etc.).

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