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Old 06-03-2009
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idea what are Visual Basic IDE?

I am using Visual studio 6.0 and going through the Documentation, I have not started the programming yet but from the first 10-15 pages they are mentioning the Visual Basic IDE does this and that, that i can't understands, somewhere I could make an interrelation with the programming but on the other it makes me nut.

please explain what it is and what do it do and how to implement it, if this is possible.

Thanks for your help.
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Old 06-03-2009
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Re: what are Visual Basic IDE?


Will let know what IDE through some development, When you click "Open" on the New Project dialog box, the IDE will look something like the screen-shot shown below. You'll notice that the IDE contains a main menu bar and several windows (toolbox, form, project explorer, and properties). You can customize the IDE to some degree to work according to your preferences,

The VB6 IDE is by default, an MDI (Multiple Document Interface) application, where the various windows are "docked" at certain locations of the screen and can interlock with each other (for example, the project explorer and the properties window are initially interlocked with each other).
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Old 06-03-2009
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Re: what are Visual Basic IDE?

Visual Studio .NET IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is the Development Environment for all .NET based applications which comes with rich features. VS .NET IDE provides many options and is packed with many features that simplify application development by handling the complexities. Visual Studio .NET IDE is an enhancement to all previous IDE?s by Microsoft.

One IDE for all .NET Projects

Visual Studio .NET IDE provides a single environment for developing all types of .NET applications. Application?s range from single windows applications to complex n-tier applications and rich web applications.

Option to choose from Multiple Programming Languages

You can choose the programming language of your choice to develop applications based on your expertise in that language. You can also incorporate multiple programming languages in one .NET solution and edit that with the IDE.

IDE is Customizable

You can customize the IDE based on your preferences. The My Profile settings allow you to do this. With these settings you can set the IDE screen the way you want, the way the keyboard behaves and you can also filter the help files based on the language of your choice.
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