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Thread: How to Decrypt Encrypted Password?

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    How to Decrypt Encrypted Password?


    I am in a trouble while decrypting my encrypted Password assigned to my project file, the problem is that, my colleague has given a software to Encrypt the password i used that and managed to Encrypt the password instantly i again try to decrypt that for security purpose whether it is working properly or not but it happens inversely, i was failed to decrypt that please help me.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: How to Decrypt Encrypted Password?

    1. Use namespace System.Security.Cryptography.
    2. Declare an UTF8Encoding object.
    3. Declare an object of MD5CryptoServiceProvider compute hash keys and compute the hash key for the variable.

    Hope this will suffice your need.

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    Re: How to Decrypt Encrypted Password?

    The theory goes that the password encryption is a one-way process. By this I mean that it is not computationally feasible to decrypt it.

    The way that this works is that when a user enters a password, it is encrypted and compared with the encrypted version in the file.
    The user is only allowed in if the two encrypted versions match.

    There is no way to recover a lost password, the only option is to issue a new temporary password to the user, the encrypted version of the new password replaces the old. The user should then change his/her own password so that only they know it.

    Only a brute force method can be used to find out the contents of a password file, for example by encrypting a dictionary file and comparing the encrypted version against each password. This will only work if the user has used a dictionary word as a password, hence the recommendation to use both characters and numbers in a password. Such programs however run for days and days and cannot be guaranteed to decrypt all carefully chosen passwords. Besides, this is not what you want to do, is it?

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