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Thread: How can I Redirect stderr into stdout ?

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    How can I Redirect stderr into stdout ?

    Hello, I was just Thinking that If we out of desc , stdin, stdout and stderr could possibly map stderr on stdout Mean what Would be the Result of that ,Hope not Negative , Can You please Tell me How Could we Possibly Redirect Stderr into Stdout , PLease Give Proper Suggestion thanks in Advance

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    Re: How can I Redirect stderr into stdout ?

    Very simple, just remember:
    • 1 = stdout
    • 2 = stderr

    In python, its


    module loves to dump test results to stderr (rather than stdout). In order to pipe the results to


    , you may need to redirect stderr to stdout:

    python 2>&1 | less

    To redirect stderr into a file:

    python 2> result.txt

    To redirect both stdout and stderr into a file:

    python &> spam.txt

    Hope it Will Help you

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    Re: How can I Redirect stderr into stdout ?

    For Python?

    import sys
    sys.stderr = sys.stdout

    Unix/Linux? 2>&1

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    Re: How can I Redirect stderr into stdout ?

    Stderr can run any type of command, be it an executable or a batch file, with any number of arguments. Since the command is run through the shell, the environment variable COMSPEC must be set (it always is). Since the command is a child process of Stderr, Stderr (and the resident part of the shell) remain in memory during the execution of the command. This means that there is less memory available to the command than if it was run directly through the top-level shell. In the case of, that's about 11 kB less.Stderr is a good example application of the frequently misunderstood dup2 system call.Microsoft C 5.1 included a program named errout. Stderr and errout are not equivalent. errout can redirect stdout and stderr to different files; Stderr cannot. Stderr can pipe stderr into another program; errout cannot. errout consumes more command-line real estate (at minimum 4 more characters) and more memory Refer This page it may helpful

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    Re: How can I Redirect stderr into stdout ?

    In csh, you can redirect stdout with ">", or stdout and stderr together with ">&" but there is no direct way to redirect stderr only. The best you can do is

    ( command >stdout_file ) >&stderr_file

    which runs "command" in a subshell; stdout is redirected inside the subshell to stdout_file, and both stdout and stderr from the subshell are redirected to stderr_file, but by this point stdout has already been redirected so only stderr actually winds up in stderr_file. If what you want is to avoid redirecting stdout at all, let sh do it for you.

    sh -c 'command 2>stderr_file'

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