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Old 25-02-2009
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Better Connection Scheme


I know Two connection scheme first will be crossposting and second will be Multiposting, I would to ask which connection is better that of the other, eventhough it has its own plus points.

Crossposting is sending one message to more newsgroups in one time.
Multiposting is sending more message one by one to newsgroups.

According me First method is confirming what is always written about Connection Pooling which is definitily better.And if we want to use the second one, then It would as least do it like the one beneath.

please want to have your opinion.
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Old 25-02-2009
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Re: Better Connection Scheme

Cross-posting is often wrong, because people tend to cross-post to unsuitable groups. For example, if your cat has a medical problem, it may be reasonable to cross-post to rec.pets.cats.health+behav and alt.cats and alt.animals.felines because the latter two groups are general cat groups, and someone there may be able to help: but it is not reasonable to cross-post to rec.pets.cats.misc or rec.pets.cats.anecdotes because these groups are for different things. However cross-posting is right some of the time.

Multi-posting is a waste of bandwidth, money, and people's time, with no advantages whatever, and should never be indulged in.
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Old 25-02-2009
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Re: Better Connection Scheme

you may get little information on Multiposting...
You might compose a message, using your favorite program, and post it to one group. Then you could, depending on the program you use, just edit the line that contains the group name and repost, or use some other method of sending messages with identical content as separate postings. This means multiposting

several copies of the text are sent, as separate messages, within different message identifiers and with no connection to each other as far as the Usenet techniques and protocols are considered. This is the completely wrong way.
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Old 25-02-2009
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Re: Better Connection Scheme

Multiposting is posting the same message over and over again.

1. Problem with ASP.NET
2. Having a problem with ASP.NET


Crossposting is posting to multiple groups.

Multiposting is a waste of time, as you read the same problem over and over
again. Repeating a post a few days later, as it was missed, is okay, but
firing off ten in a span of a few minutes, with different subject lines? Not

Crossposting can also be a bad exercise if you start posting to groups
unrelated to the problem, so I would not say crossposting is necessarily
good. It can be, if used correctly, but very bad if not.
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