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Thread: How to create Module in VB.NET?

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    How to create Module in VB.NET?


    I want to create a module in Vb.NET & need help for the same!


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    Re: How to create Module in VB.NET?

    I have always used modules both in VB 6 and VB.NET. in VB6, they were a great way to create static class like functions so that you could just call a method without needing to create an instance of an object and worry whether it's instantiated or not and all that other crap.

    In VB.NET it's roughly the same idea. Use modules as a way to group/organize methods that are more utility methods than part of a class.

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    Re: How to create Module in VB.NET?

    Creating Custom Modules

    You can learn creating a module in VB.NET on your own!

    I hope this helps ask me if you don't understand any concept!

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    Re: How to create Module in VB.NET?

    start a new project. Add a button to you new form. To add a Module to your project, click Project from the menu bar. From the from down menu, click on "Add Module":
    When you click "Add Module", you'll get the following dialogue box popping up:
    Select Module from the Templates window. Type a name for your new module - modVerify.vb. When you've typed a name, click the Open button.
    You'll should see a blank window
    If you take a look at the Solutions Explorer on the right, you should see that your new module is listed:

    Hope this helps!

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