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Thread: Extraction of data on interval - Excel

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    Extraction of data on interval - Excel

    Here is my problem: from a given base of a data list is a time-stamped to excel 4.0 format that looks like this:

    01/01/09 23:30:53 7.45
    01/01/09 23:35:53 6.48
    01/01/09 23:35:57 5.67
    01/01/09 23:37:55 3.64

    etc, etc ...
    as you can see the time intervals are random, this is the time interval between the records when I do any changes or create any new records.

    I wish I could extract any data from this random time-stamp long after 2000 to 3000 data values according to a defined interval and that is after every hour, 5 minutes and so on...

    Either by formula or VBA

    Please Help if you have any suggestions on it!

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    Re: Extraction of data on interval - Excel


    I think that the filters developed can solve your problem. you can adapt this function to your problem and can get the data or records that you want to look for, developing the filter requires the definition of a base, an area of criteria and a results area.

    Good luck,Hope this helps

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    Re: Extraction of data on interval - Excel

    Thank you for the reply, but it is not exactly what I found:
    namely, in column A the date format 01/01/09 23 : 59 : 59 in column B values
    I would like to extract the following value every hour and thus have a new suite of values but spaced 1 hour.

    I may have been more clear

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    Re: Extraction of data on interval - Excel


    You want to extract a single value every hour. What value do you want to extract? The last hours of the chosen?
    If you want to extract all the values between two hours, the filter designed to operate. The area criterion can be for example

     Date_hrs Date_hrs 
       > 01 / 01 / 2009 23: 00: 00 <02 / 01 / 09 00: 00: 00
    If you want to do this on every hour, multiply the area of criteria and tables of results, so I do not think this is the best solution. Perhaps a PivotTable be more appropriate but I do not handle too much.

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