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Thread: VB.NET copy from Datagrid & paste to another location?

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    VB.NET copy from Datagrid & paste to another location?


    I want to know if this is possible to copy the data or records from a cell & then paste it somewhere else?

    What property should be used or I need to code something for this to make it possible?

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    Re: VB.NET copy from Datagrid & paste to another location?

    You have to learn this for what you are asking!
    I hope this helps you!

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    Re: VB.NET copy from Datagrid & paste to another location?

    Copy datagridview selection to clipboard

    Private Sub ctxCopyAll_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles ctxCopyAll.Click
    End Sub
    Private Sub CopyAllRowsToClipboard()
    Dim intRow As Int32 = 0
    Dim drRow As DataGridViewRow = Nothing
    Dim strClipboard As String = String.Empty
    For Each drRow In grdBudgetData.Rows
    drRow.Selected = True
    If intRow = 0 Then
    grdBudgetData.ClipboardCopyMode = DataGridViewClipboardCopyMode.EnableAlwaysIncludeHeaderText
    grdBudgetData.ClipboardCopyMode = DataGridViewClipboardCopyMode.EnableWithoutHeaderText
    End If
    If Me.grdBudgetData.GetCellCount(DataGridViewElementStates.Selected) > 0 Then
    ‘ Add the selection to the clipboard.
    ‘ Replace the text box contents with the clipboard text.
    strClipboard = strClipboard + vbCrLf + Clipboard.GetText()
    Catch ex As System.Runtime.InteropServices.ExternalException
    Throw New Exception(ex.Message, ex.InnerException)
    MessageBox.Show(”The Clipboard could not be accessed.”, “Please try again.”, MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Information)
    End Try
    End If
    intRow += 1
    End Sub

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    Re: VB.NET copy from Datagrid & paste to another location?


    WindowsForms -> You can trap all keypresses and keyeventcodes right.
    WebForms -> You can again trap document.onKeyDown function in JavaScript and set the event.keyCode to zero.

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    Re: VB.NET copy from Datagrid & paste to another location?

    When you copy data from Excel, the copied data is placed on clipboard as tab delimited data (you can verify this by copy some data some excel and paste in notepad)... So to paste that data to a DataGridView, you'll need to read the data from clipboard as a string, then work on that string to parse out the rows and columns, and then set the datagridview cells accordingly.
    Now to go the other way, when you copy the data from your DGV, you need to get the values from the selected cells and build a tab delimited string, then place that string on clipboard. That way, you can paste it back to Excel or other DGV's.

    Public Sub PasteData(ByRef dgv As DataGridView)
            Dim tArr() As String
            Dim arT() As String
            Dim i, ii As Integer
            Dim c, cc, r As Integer
            tArr = Clipboard.GetText().Split(Environment.NewLine)
            r = dgv.SelectedCells(0).RowIndex
            c = dgv.SelectedCells(0).ColumnIndex
            For i = 0 To tArr.Length - 1
                arT = tArr(i).Split(vbTab)
                cc = c
                For ii = 0 To arT.Length - 1
                    With dgv.Item(cc, r)
                        .Value = arT(ii).TrimStart
                    End With
                    cc = cc + 1
                r = r + 1
        End Sub

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