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Thread: Where to get PHPBB3 Templates

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    Where to get PHPBB3 Templates


    Where can i get free PHPBB3 templates, I have search lot on the internet but i could not get that,so please help me getting that.

    Can I adapt PHPBB2 Templates for PHPBB3?


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    Re: Where to get PHPBB3 Templates

    phpBB does not allowed any phpBB2 templates remain on their website until their authors updated them to work with phpBB3, so undoubtedly phpBB2 templates would NOT work with 3, and even though it accepts phpBB3 seems to be fairly different and its folder setup is also different too.

    Here you may have few phpBB style :

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    Re: Where to get PHPBB3 Templates

    I have some doubts about phpBB's existing BBtoNuke integration that I think it behaves us to take a fresh look at this.

    Although I have not taken a look at phpBB3, it seems to be getting rave reviews.

    Another consideration, of course, is stability. The 2.0.x branch hasn't had an update in a long while. That is a good thing from a stability and security standpoint. Do you really want to rush into 3.x? I think we need to make it "painless" to upgrade in order to keep up with the coming influx of point releases that are inevitable with all new major software releases...

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    Re: Where to get PHPBB3 Templates

    It would be great to have the phpbb3 version into the nuke system.
    But when you create a bbtonuke in the same make as the bbtonuke's, the problems with adding mods, themes, updates startover again.

    In my opinion, leave the forum as is.
    Instead, make a connector from nuke to the forum so the users are interchangable.
    Importing the current users from nuke to phpbb3 is not a big problem.
    simple said : copy usernames and the md5 passwordstring into the forum usertable.
    The new password hashing of phpbb3 converts the md5 strings to the new hashing system when logging into the forum.

    Maybe, add the hashingsystem into RN as a separate field in the database, and then through a script use that hash to autologin into phpbb3 via a link in eg the modules block.

    And maybe a small addition, make a module that includes the forum (eg iframe) to keep the nuke header and footer. (no side blocks?)

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    Re: Where to get PHPBB3 Templates

    I have several of them running now and I have to say they ROCK. The upgrade path was painless, they load very fast and the admin is easy to use. The biggest thing I like is I have not not had a single Spam reg since I upgraded and that is MOST EXCELLENT!

    you can also download the phpBB3 database style sheet from here:

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