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Compiling MySQL under Windows, need help

Software Development

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Old 10-02-2009
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Compiling MySQL under Windows, need help

Here, I compile mysql on / for windows and at first everything went well. In fact, I have a question "alternative" to ask someone who knows: in the README it says that you can compile the beast with different config options: WITH_INNOBASE_STORAGE_ENGINE, WITH_PARTITION_STORAGE_ENGINE, etc, what I did but unlike linux configuration options were missing, at least I have not seen how to implement them even if it is possible to impllanter.
Example: - enable-local-infile we can zap, - with-debug we can add, disable-FEATURE - disable-shared, etc..

Under windows this is not all that clear to me even though some options can activate or disable via the ini file ...

Note: It is possible to compile php (among others) from scratch and showing the configuration file (in mysql) options you want to activate, and only the latter. I try to just do that with sql.

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Old 10-02-2009
XSI XSI is offline
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Re: Compiling MySQL under Windows, need help

"disable-FEATURE" is a generic parameter that make you think you can understand that, for each "FEATURE", pass a parameter "- disable-XXXXXX" which disables (replacing "FEATURE" or "XXXXX" with the name of this feature...

"disable-shared" I can not imagine what it will bring you Windows as this pilot options linker (ld.so on Linux)

Or. .. uh ... I did not understand too what your problem is in fact (there is no question in your post !)...
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Old 10-02-2009
Join Date: Jan 2009
Posts: 55
Re: Compiling MySQL under Windows, need help

Can I ask where did you find the meaning of this order? Because I the way in the compiler options but nothing in research on the mysql site

"disable-shared" was just one example among all these:

 Optional Features: 
  - disable-FEATURE do not include FEATURE (same as - enable-FEATURE = no) 
  - enable-FEATURE [= ARG] include FEATURE [ARG = yes] 
  - disable-dependency-tracking speeds up one-time build 
  - enable-dependency-tracking do not reject slow dependency extractors 
  - enable-shared [= PKGS] 
  build shared libraries [default = yes] 
  - enable-static [= PKGS] 
  build static libraries [default = yes] 
  - enable-fast-install [= PKGS] 
  optimize for fast installation [default = yes] 
  - disable-libtool-lock avoid locking (might break parallel builds) 
  - enable-thread-safe-client 
  Compile the client with threads. 
  - enable-assembler Use assembler versions of some string functions if available. 
  - disable-profiling Build a version without query profiling code 
  - enable-local-infile Enable LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE (default: disabled) 
  - disable-grant-options Disables the use of - init-file, - skip-grant-tables and - bootstrap options 
  - disable-largefile Omit support for large files 

  Optional Packages: 
  - with-PACKAGE [= ARG] use PACKAGE [ARG = yes] 
  - without-PACKAGE do not use PACKAGE (same as - with-PACKAGE = no) 
  - with-charset = CHARSET 
  Default character set, use one of: binary 
  ArmSCII8 ascii big5 cp1250 cp1251 cp1256 cp1257 cp850 cp852 CP866 cp932 dec8 eucjpms euckr gb2312 gbk geostd8 greek hebrew hp8 keybcs2 koi8r koi8u latin1 latin2 latin5 latin7 MacCE MacRoman swe7 TIS620 ucs2 sjis utf8 ujis 
  - with-collation = COLLATION 
  Default collation 
  - with-extra-charsets = CHARSET, CHARSET, ... 
  Use charsets in addition to default (none, complex, all, or a list selected from the above sets) 
  - without-uca Skip building of the national Unicode collations. 

  - with-system-type Set the system type, like "sun-solaris10" 
  - with-machine-type Set the machine type, like "powerpc" 
  - with-darwin-mwcc Use Metrowerks CodeWarrior wrappers on OS X / Darwin 
  - with-gnu-ld assume the C compiler uses GNU ld [default = no] 
  - with-pic try to use only PIC / non-PIC objects [default = use both] 
  - with-tags [= TAGS] 
  include additional configurations [automatic] 
  - with-other-libc = DIR Link against libc and other standard libraries installed in the specified non-standard location overriding default.  Originally added to be able to link against glibc 2.2 without making the user upgrade the standard libc installation. 
  - with-server-suffix Append value to the version string. 
  - with-pthread Force use of pthread library. 
  - with-named-thread-libs = ARG 
  Use specified thread libraries instead of those automatically found by configure. 
  - with-named-curses-libs = ARG 
  Use specified curses libraries instead of those automatically found by configure. 
  - with-unix-socket-path = SOCKET 
  Where to put the unix-domain socket. SOCKET must be an absolute file name. 
  - with-tcp-port = port-number 
  Which port to use for MySQL service (default 3306) 
  - with-mysqld-user = username 
  What user the mysqld daemon shall be run as. 
  - with-zlib-dir = DIR Provide MySQL with a custom location of compression 
 library.  Given DIR, zlib binary is assumed to be in $ DIR / lib and header files in $ DIR / include. 
  - with-libwrap = DIR Build in libwrap (tcp_wrappers) support 
  - with-pstack Use the pstack backtrace library 
  - without-debug Build a production version without debugging code 
  - with-mysqld-ldflags Extra linking arguments for mysqld 
  - with-client-ldflags Extra linking arguments for clients 
  - with-mysqld-libs Extra libraries to link with for mysqld 
  - with-lib-CCFLAGS Extra CC options for libraries 
  - with-low-memory Try to use less memory to compile to avoid memory limitations. 
  - with-comment Comment about compilation environment. 
  - without-server Only build the client. 
  - with-embedded-server Build the embedded server (libmysqld). 
  - without-query-cache Do not build query cache. 
  - without-geometry Do not build geometry-related parts. 
  - with-embedded-privilege-control 
  Build parts to check user's privileges. 
  Only affects embedded library. 
  - without extra tools Skip building utilities in the tools directory. 
  - with-mysqlmanager Build the mysqlmanager binary: yes / no (default: build if server is built.) 
  - with-openssl = DIR Include the OpenSSL support 

  - with-openssl-includes = DIR 
  Find OpenSSL headers in DIR 

  - with-openssl-libs = DIR 
  Find OpenSSL libraries in DIR 
  - with-yassl Include the support yaSSL 
  - without-docs Skip building of the documentation. 
  - without-man Skip building of the man pages. 
  - without-bench Skip building of the benchmark suite. 
  - without-readline Use system readline instead of bundled copy. 
  - without-system libedit Use libedit instead of bundled copy. 

  - with-big-tables Support tables with more than 4 G rows even on 32 bit platforms 

  - with-max-indexes = \ # Sets the maximum number of indexes per table, default 64 

  - with-berkeley-db = DIR 
  Use BerkeleyDB located in DIR 

  - with-berkeley-db-includes = DIR 
  Find Berkeley DB headers in DIR 

  - with-berkeley-db-libs = DIR 
  Find Berkeley DB libraries in DIR 

  - without-innodb Do not include the InnoDB table handler 

  - with-example-storage-engine 
  Enable the Example Storage Engine 

  - with-archive-storage-engine 
  Enable the Archive Storage Engine 

  - with-csv-storage-engine 
  Enable the CSV Storage Engine 

  - with-blackhole-storage-engine 
  Enable the Blackhole Storage Engine 

  - with-ndbcluster Include the NDB Cluster table handler 
  - with-ndb-sci = DIR Provide MySQL with a custom location of sci library. 
  Given DIR, sci library is assumed to be in $ DIR / lib and header files in $ DIR / include. 

  - with-ndb-test Include the NDB Cluster ndbapi test programs 

  - with-ndb-docs Include the NDB Cluster ndbapi and documentation mgmapi 

  - with-ndb-port Port for NDB Cluster management server 

  - with-ndb-port-base Base port for NDB Cluster transporters 

  - without-ndb-debug Disable special ndb debug features 
  - with-ndb-CFLAGS CCFLAGS = 
  Extra CFLAGS for ndb compile 

  - with-federated-storage-engine 
  Enable the MySQL Federated Storage Engine
and the list goes like:

Fine tuning of the installation directories: 
  - bindir = DIR user executables [EPREFIX / bin] 
  - sbindir = DIR system admin executables [EPREFIX / sbin] 
  - libexecdir = DIR program executables [EPREFIX / libexec] 
  - datadir = DIR read-only architecture-independent data [PREFIX / share] 
  - sysconfdir = DIR read-only single-machine data [PREFIX / etc] 
  - sharedstatedir = DIR modifiable architecture-independent data [PREFIX / com] 
  - localstatedir = DIR modifiable single-machine data [PREFIX / var] 
  - libdir = DIR object code libraries [EPREFIX / lib] 
  - includedir = DIR C header files [PREFIX / include] 
  - oldincludedir = DIR C header files for non-gcc [/ usr / include] 
  - infodir = DIR info documentation [PREFIX / info] 
  - mandir = DIR man documentation [PREFIX / man] 

  cat <<\ _ACEOF 

  Program names: 
  - program-prefix = PREFIX prepend PREFIX to installed program names 
  - program-suffix = SUFFIX append SUFFIX to installed program names 
  - program-transform-name = PROGRAM run sed PROGRAM on installed program names 

  System types: 
  - build = BUILD configure for building on BUILD [guessed] 
  - host = HOST cross-compile to build programs to run on HOST [BUILD] 
  - target = TARGET configure for building compilers for TARGET [HOST]
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Old 10-02-2009
XSI XSI is offline
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 271
Re: Compiling MySQL under Windows, need help

Its normal that you do not find anything on the MySQL site a constant in the configuration scripts "configure" created by autoconf ...

The meaning is in the first two lines:

- disable-FEATURE do not include FEATURE (same as - enable-FEATURE = no) 
- enable-FEATURE [= ARG] include FEATURE [ARG = yes]
It just explains that for every feature adjustable in "configure" you can disable it with - disable-[name of feature] ...
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