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Thread: Vista 64 problem installing Visual Studio 2005

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    Vista 64 problem installing Visual Studio 2005


    I bought Visual Studio 2008 pro since it uses the 2.0 version of the framework which VS 2005 uses. VS 2008 IDE is supported by Vista out of the box & the software is 3 years old.

    There is problem installing Visual studio 2005 on vista 64.

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    Re: Vista 64 problem installing Visual Studio 2005

    I have had no experience with the 64 bit version of windows vista, but I have installed VS2005 on the 32 bit version of vista. Are you running the installer as administrator? If not, When you first put in the DVD do not let it do the autorun. Instead goto My computer, selected your dvd drive, right click it and select explore. From the DVD files find the autorun or the stepup.exe right click the file and select "run as administrator" and see if that fixes the problem.

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    Re: Vista 64 problem installing Visual Studio 2005

    Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 Update for Windows Vista release notes

    Hope this helps you!

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    Re: Vista 64 problem installing Visual Studio 2005

    So it seems I have to install the normal (non-Vista) SP1 *then* the Vista version.... but the only problem (and how f***ing typical is this of Microsoft) that the link to the original SP1 is broken!!!! Will have to try and hunt it down somewhere else on the M$ site.

    I really love developing with .Net but honestly, at times like this, I could strangle everyone in the whole bl**dy company... I've wasted nearly all day on this so far!

    Edit: just in case anyone else hits this problem and can't find the original SP1 download page here it is here:

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    Re: Vista 64 problem installing Visual Studio 2005

    Here is a set of factoids that should help answer the most commonly enquired issues:

    (a) There are two flavours of 64-bit - AMD64 or X64, and IA64. Windows 64-bit installs on both architectures.

    (b) There is no 64-bit version of VS. Visual Studio 2005 is available only as a 32-bit app. However, you CAN install VS on a 64-bit OS and use it to create, launch and debug 64-bit apps.

    (c) VS will install only on X64. The .Net Framework and the Debugger components install on IA64, allowing you to remotely launch and debug applications on IA64 from a VS IDE installed on another machine.

    (d) VS installed on either 32-bit or 64-bit OS can create 32-bit or 64-bit applications, but of course the applications need the corresponding platform to execute.

    (e) You need the Professional or Team System versions to build X64 (AMD64) apps.

    (f) You need Team System to build IA64 apps. Pro does not support this. See

    (g) On a 32-bit OS, the 64-bit compilers will not be installed by default, you will need to go to custom setup and check the option.

    How to create 64-bit apps

    A managed project is automatically built according to the architecture selected => default C# project created on AMD64 will be AMD64, X86 on X86. The native one is always 32-bit by default.

    To explicitly set a platform:

    (1) open the solution explorer, select solution, right click->Configuration Manager.
    (2) go to 'Active Solution Platform', click New.
    (3) in the 'New Solution Platform' dialog that comes up select the new platform say Itanium. Set 'Copy Settings From' to 'Any CPU' which was the default setting in the 'Active Solution Platform'.
    (4) click OK.

    You will see that the platform has changed to Itanium in the config manager. Now when you build the solution, you will get an Itanium exe.

    Follow the same process for X64, and to rebuild 32-bit apps from that solution.


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    Re: Vista 64 problem installing Visual Studio 2005

    Have a new laptop w/Vista 64-bit.

    Tried installing Visual Studio 2005, SP1 on it. Appeared to succeed.

    Also installed the SP for Windows Vista. Also appeared to succeed.

    Was able to rebuild our product using new environment for Win32 platform w/minimal problems.

    Unfortunately, the new environment appears to have no support whatsoever for building for x64 platform. All pull-downs for selecting platforms only show
    "PocketPC 2003 (ARMV4)"
    and "SmartPhone 2003 (ARMV4)".

    On my previous environment (XP, 32-bit), I was able to pick x64 builds, and build x64 projects/solutions.

    A little ironic, no? that VS2005 can't build for x64 when it's on an x64 box?

    Thanks for any suggestions.


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