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Old 05-02-2009
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System.Data.DataRowView in combobox


System.Data.DataRowView in combobox
That happens to me when I have misspelled the column name being assigned to
the DisplayMember property. I've found that both the spelling and the case
must match the column name.
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Old 05-02-2009
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Re: System.Data.DataRowView in combobox

This is a symptom of the FieldName supplied in

Me.cboProductName.DisplayMember = "ProductName"

being incorrect. If this does not exactly match to a valid fieldname (Case
Sensitive) exposed by the collection you will get:-

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Old 05-02-2009
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Re: System.Data.DataRowView in combobox

If what you want is the value from the column of the selected row, an easier
way might be to set :
cboSelectResource.ValueMember = "ResourceDetails";
then when you want to retrieve it:

string wholeRecord = cboSelectResource.SelectedValue

However, for this to work, you'll have to get the first problem resolved.

On the first problem, have you tried setting the DataSource to
dsResourceGroup.TableName instead of instead of dsResourceGroup.Tables[0]?
Substitute the actual name of the Table for TableName.

Can we assume that the column ResourceDetails is defined as a string and
that the Dataset dsResourceGroup has only the one Table in it?

Let me know if this works,
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Old 05-02-2009
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Re: System.Data.DataRowView in combobox

I ran into the exact same issue. I ended up wrapping a Try/Catch handler
around the code and explictly catch the cast error and ignore it. Something
like this:

int myId = (int)myCombo.SelectedValue;

// more code here
catch (InvalidCastException)
// do nothing
catch (Exception ex)
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Old 01-10-2009
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Re: System.Data.DataRowView in combobox

Hi I get a different error.. I am using VB.net and creating a Window Application and my platform is VS 2005

My scenario is this..

I have 2 combobox and a textbox
when i select value from 1st combobox, it fetches the associated record from the db and populates the 2nd combobox.

My requirement is when i select value from 2nd combobox it should fetch the associated record from the db and display in the textfield.

2nd combobox can have multiple values but textfield would show only 1.

now my prob

when i select value from 1st combo, i can clearly see the 2nd combo populated with values, i expect... but i run into trouble when i try to read the value from the 2nd combo and run the query against the db... this is where i see System.Data.DataRowView.

following is my code


this is to Populate 2nd combo


cmdText = "Select Location_Name From Location_Details Where Region_Name=" + "'" & strRegionName & "'" + " " + "AND" + " " + "Location_Category=" + "'" & strLocationType & "'" + " " + "AND" + " " + "Location_Business_Group=" + "'" & strBUType & "'"

sqlcmd = New SqlCommand(cmdText, sqlConn)
sqlDA = New SqlDataAdapter
sqlDA.SelectCommand = sqlcmd


'Creating the dataset and reading data into it

sqlDS = New DataSet
sqlDA.Fill(sqlDS, "Location_Details")
sqlDT = sqlDS.Tables("Location_Details")

cmbx_LocationName.DataSource = sqlDT
cmbx_LocationName.DisplayMember = "Location_Name"
cmbx_LocationName.ValueMember = "Location_Name"

'intLocationName = cmbx_LocationName.Items.Count

Catch ex As Exception



End Try

this is to read the value when the 2nd combo is clicked to select value

strLocationName_Selected = cmbx_LocationName.SelectedItem.ToString

cmdText = "Select Location_Circuit_ID From Location_Details Where Location_Name=" + "'" & strLocationName_Selected & "'"

when i do a Messagebox.show(cmdText) I get this

Select Location_Circuit_ID From Location_Details Where Location_Name= 'System.Data.DataRowView'

I verified the DisplayMember and ValueMember and found the Column Name consistent and correct in both the application code as well as the db

Please help....
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