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Thread: Delete rows in Excel [VB]

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    Delete rows in Excel [VB]

    I got a list of data in the excel sheet and would like to create a macro that whenever i sees shows an empty cell in a matrix, I delete all the rows of a table containing one or more empty cells in column A to column P. I am beginner and I can not.

    Thank you in advance for your help?

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    Re: Delete rows in Excel [VB]


    something like this should work:

    1. Sub test ()
    2. Const LIGNE_DEBUT As Long = 1
    3. Const LIGNE_FIN As Long = 6
    4. Const COLONNE_DEBUT As Long = 1
    5. Const COLONNE_FIN As Long = 3
    6. Sunday supprime_ligne As Boolean
    7. Sunday Line As Long
    8. Sunday column As Long
    9. Sunday nb_suppr As Long
    10. nb_suppr = 0
    11. we loop on lines
    12. For row = LIGNE_DEBUT To LIGNE_FIN
    13. 'default this line is not deleted
    14. supprime_ligne = False
    15. we loop over the columns
    16. For column = COLONNE_DEBUT To COLONNE_FIN
    17. Next line
    18. End Sub

    Try to make constants from the beginning and that's all.
    In your case, if you want to go up the column P COLONNE_FIN must apply 16.

    It is probably not very clean but it works.

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    Re: Delete rows in Excel [VB]


    Here I will suggest some regarding your coding

    I would add just beginning to code a
    Application.ScreenUpdating = False
    then at the end of the code a
    Application.ScreenUpdating = True

    You hide what excel, and therefore can save time at the execution.

    In addition, the line 27 does nothing, or spend time at the execution.
    Same for lines 36-37, a
    Rows (line & ":" & row). Delete Shift: = xlUp

    If after the last is not a great thing (as the previous If only validate a test on the contents of the cell), but it is not the concern, it works.

    Best regards

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