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Thread: Zip archive to build files in PHP

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    Zip archive to build files in PHP

    here i am in the search of solution for my problem .i am new learner for php along this i am working on friendly project where i need zip archive to build files script for Php .please can any one can help me here to come out of this trouble ?

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    Re: Zip archive to build files in PHP

    well here is script for you but not sure about, it will work 100% for you .!
    n this script, it is possible to automatically zip archive to build files on the Web or 'virtual' files. This zip file via an internal function immediately as a clean download to be reported (via HTTP headers).When creating a new body may be given a root directory. This is the folder where the files on the disk should be sought.It is also possible to zip files in the temporary folder of the OS to be building in a location that you specify. The zip archive can later be retrieved.

    <? php / / Set a custom root directory. / / It is also possible to simply use this code: / / $ Z = new ZipWrap (), $ Z = new ZipWrap (MyRoot / ') / / Create a new archive / / It is possible to no name. The file is generated in the temporary folder. This can be done through: / / $ Z-> Create (), $ Z -> create ( '');
    / / Add file file.php, and the folder actions. $ Z -> Add ( 'file. php ',' action ');
    / / Add a' virtual 'file, one that was not on the hard disk. $ Z -> AddVirtual ( "info.php", "</? phpnphpinfo () n? /> ") / / Add the additional and extra folders / tools when actions. $ Z -> AddDirectory ( 'actions / extra / tools /');
    / / Set the download file in $ Z -> SetName (File Manager), / / This function ensures that the PHP script itself before this as a. zip file is downloaded by the visitor. $ Z -> download ();?>

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