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Old 15-01-2009
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How to Redirect From one page to another page in Asp.net

Hi all,

In the Asp.net project there is a webpage and i want to redirect this page to the second page. (ie; i want to open a second webform).
How can i do this ?
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Old 15-01-2009
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Re: How to Redirect From one page to another page in Asp.net

The Response object has a famous Redirect method that is used most widely to transfer a web page visitor from one page to another page.


There is another famous method called Transfer method of the Server object.

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Old 15-01-2009
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difference between Server.Transfer and Response.Redirect

Both "Server" and "Response" are objects of ASP.NET. Server.Transfer and Response.Redirect both are used to transfer a user from one page to another. But there is an underlying difference.

The Response.Redirect statement sends a command back to the browser to request the next page from the server. This extra round-trip is often inefficient and unnecessary, but this established standard works very well. By the time Page2 is requested, Page1 has been flushed from the server?s memory and no information can be retrieved about it unless the developer explicitly saved the information using some technique like session, cookie, application, cache etc.

The more efficient Server.Transfer method simply renders the next page to the browser without an extra round trip. Variables can stay in scope and Page2 can read properties directly from Page1 because it?s still in memory. This technique would be ideal if it wasn?t for the fact that the browser is never notified that the page has changed. Therefore, the address bar in the browser will still show ?Page1.aspx? even though the Server.Transfer statement actually caused Page2.aspx to be rendered instead. This may occasionally be a good thing from a security perspective, it often causes problems related to the browser being out of touch with the server. Say, the user reloads the page, the browser will request Page1.aspx instead of the true page (Page2.aspx) that they were viewing. In most cases, Response.Redirect and Server.Transfer can be used interchangeably. But in some cases, efficiency or usability may be the deciding factor in choosing.
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