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Thread: CLS and CTS in .Net

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    CLS and CTS in .Net

    What is the CLS and CTS in the .Net ?

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    Re: CLS and CTS in .Net

    cls stands for common language specification And cts stands for common type system.

    CLS : cls is a standard for .net . cls is small set of specification to make all languages as a .net compliant languages. cls make a use of cts and clr. if my languages (c#,,j#,vc++) wants to be compliant language it has to follow cls standard.

    CTS : Common Type System is also a standard like cls. If two languages (c# or or j# or vc++) wants to communicate with each other, they have to convert into some common type (i.e in clr common language runtime). In c# we use int which is converted to Int32 of CLR to communicate with which uses Integer or vice versa

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    Clr - Cts - Cls

    CLR - CTS - CLS

    The .NET Framework provides a runtime environment called the Common Language Runtime or CLR (similar to the Java Virtual Machine or JVM in Java), which handles the execution of code and provides useful services for the implementation of the program.

    The Common Language Runtime is the underpinning of the .NET Framework. CLR takes care of code management at program execution and provides various beneficial services such as memory management, thread management, security management, code verification, compilation, and other system services. The managed code that targets CLR benefits from useful features such as cross-language integration, cross-language exception handling, versioning, enhanced security, deployment support, and debugging.

    Common Type System (CTS) describes how types are declared, used and managed in the runtime and facilitates cross-language integration, type safety, and high performance code execution.

    The Common Language Specification (CLS) is an agreement among language designers and class library designers to use a common subset of basic language features that all languages have to follow.

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    Re: CLS and CTS in .Net

    CLS (Common Language Specification)

    It provides, set of specification TO BE adhered by new language writer/compiler writer for .Net Framework to ENSURE interoperability. ‘cause .net supports 32 languages.
    For example Asp.Net application written in C#.Net language. Now we can refer any other DLL which has been written in any other language supported by .Net Frame Work.

    CTS (Common Type System)

    It defines “How object should be declared”. CLS is the subset of CTS.

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    Re: CLS and CTS in .Net

    CTs :is Common type System
    Contains Set of common data types that are common to all dotnet langauges.
    It check all type checkin for interoperatibility comman to all language.

    CLs is common langauge specification
    contains rules that are to be followed for .net frame work supported languages

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