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Old 12-01-2009
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Request for custom animated avatars

I would like make some custom animated avatars for myself to use it at various places like in forums and some social networking sites.

An avatar which should be wonderful and have the cumulative effect of making me a lottery winner!

I am ready to provide the details for those who is ready to show me the way and need my photographs or descriptions that would help to develop the avatar. Also, exactly what words I would like to have on it. I need to know what size restrictions there are, if any. Both for the image itself (pixel size) and how large the total file size (kb's) can be.

And if you don't have that information, I need to know if it is available for free on net that you want to hare with me.
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Old 12-01-2009
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Re: Request for custom animated avatars

An Avatar is a square image that is used to identify a poster on a message board. Most message boards have a selection of "stock" avatars available to choose from but a lot of people want to use something more personal.

Avatar images are used in forums and social networking sites (MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, & others) to identify you in your profile and when you update and/or post.

Here is a site which can help you to customize your avatar: http://customdesigngraphics.com/avatars.html
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Old 12-01-2009
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Customize Yahoo avatar

You can customize your Yahoo avatar's appearance by changing its face, eyes, hairstyle, clothing, and extras.


Click the "Appearance" tab on the My Avatar page. This is where you choose your avatar's face, eyes, and hairstyle.

Face and Eyes: Click "Face and Eyes" to choose the face and eye color for your avatar. Click the color palette next to the picture to change the color of your eyes.

Hairstyles: Click "Hairstyles" to choose the hairstyle you want. You can change your hair color by clicking the color palette next to the hairstyle.


You can dress your avatar by picking items from the "Apparel" tab. Clicking the item a second time removes that item from your "What I'm trying on" list.

Some apparel items cause the position of your avatar's arms and legs to change slightly, depending on the style of clothing.

Full Outfits: By clicking a full outfit, you can dress your avatar in a coordinated outfit with one click. A full outfit replaces any top and bottom previously worn by your avatar.

Tops: By clicking a top, you can dress the upper half of your avatar.

Bottoms: By clicking a bottom, you can dress the lower half of your avatar.

If you previously picked a full outfit, choosing a new top or bottom deselects the full outfit and shows the new top or bottom with the bottom or top previously saved before you picked a full outfit.

Extras and Backgrounds

You can further customize your avatar by choosing extras such as accessories, hats, sports items, pets, and backgrounds.

To add these extras, click the link for the appropriate item in the "Extras" tab. To add an extra to the avatar, click the item. To remove an extra, click the item a second time or uncheck the item's checkbox in the "What I'm trying on" list.

When you have customized your avatar, you must save the changes.
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Old 12-01-2009
Join Date: May 2008
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Create an online avatar

Just follow the below steps to create an online avatar:
  • Visit the Gizmoz homepage.
  • Hover your mouse over the ?create? link on the page and a drop down menu of multiple options will appear. Select the ?Gizmoz? link and you'll be prompted to upload a photo of yourself to begin the process.
  • Choose a background from some of the various images presented.
  • Select a cool outfit with accessories to customize your online personality even further.
  • Record your very own phrase for your online avatar to say. If you rather do not want to hear your own voice, then choose one of the prerecorded voices.
  • Another cool and useful feature is the ?text to speech? function. Just type your desired words in the empty box and your brand new avatar will begin reciting what was typed.
  • Share your newly created online avatar with multiple social networks.

This can be done easily because Gizmoz saves your avatar on their own servers in flash format. You'll be able to place the avatar on virtually any website that supports flash based content. Just simply copy the ?html? code and paste it on your chosen website.
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Old 12-01-2009
Join Date: Feb 2008
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Steps to create Virtual Avatar

The following is the steps to create a virtual avatar:
  • Go to Yahoo! and sign in to your account. (If you don't have an account, follow the simple directions and make one.)
  • Click "Create My Avatar." The avatar creator page should open with a small tutorial.
  • Click "Appearance" to get started.
  • Choose a face and eyes.
  • Choose a hairstyle. Click the "Hairstyle" link under the Appearance tab. Click on the hairstyle you want your avatar to have. You can even change the color by clicking on the color palette next to the hairstyles.
  • Change your avatar's clothes.
  • Choose an extra to go with your avatar if you want. Click on the "Extra" tab on the top of the page. You can add a hat, scarf, bag and even a pet, by clicking on the links under the Extras tab.
  • Choose the background by going to the "Background" tab. When you find one you like click on it to add the background.
  • Click "Save Changes" when you are finished.
  • Copy the avatar onto your computer.
    For Mac: Hold down Apple, Shift, 4 on your keyboard. Drag the cursor over your avatar and release. It will take a picture of it and put a file called Picture1.png on your desktop.
    For Windows: Click the "Print Screen" button. Paste it into a program like MS Paint. Crop it and save as a .jpg or .gif.
  • Now you have your very own Yahoo! avatar. Upload it onto any website that asks for an avatar!
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