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Old 17-12-2008
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Removing and remapping network drives using logon script


I am currently using a logon script to map drives based on OU membership. I have recently changed servers and would like to point my network mappings to this server. The problem I have is that when i try to remove the old mapping and map the new, the drive is not being mapped on first logon. If I log off and back on then it works.

This is what i am currently using to remove the mapping and then map. The drive letter is U:

If isMember("Wholesale") then
objNetwork.RemoveNetworkDrive "G:",True,True
objNetwork.RemoveNetworkDrive "U:",True,True
End If

If isMember("Wholesale") Then
objNetwork.MapNetworkDrive "E:", "\\FRTSSFTP\ABCClients", True ' Connect E: to \\FRTSSFTP\ABCClients
objNetwork.MapNetworkDrive "G:", "\\FRECFPS\Shared", True ' Connect G: to \\FRECFPS\Shared
objNetwork.MapNetworkDrive "S:", "\\FRTSITS\S_Drive", True ' Connect S: to \\FRTSITS\S_Drive
objNetwork.RemoveNetworkDrive "N:"
DriveMapper "U:", "\\FRECFPS\HomeDirs\" & strUser'" ' Connect U: to \\FRECFPS\HomeDirs\UserName
End If

I need to map the u drive based on the user who logs in.

Any help will be appreciated.


Charlene Jacobs
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Old 17-12-2008
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Re: Removing and remapping network drives using logon script



Just go through this links.
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