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Thread: XML ,XSL, XSLT problem

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    XML ,XSL, XSLT problem

    Hello friends

    I need a solution style sheet that will transform XML to XML. However I
    want the style sheet to output a complete style sheet tag too i.e. <?
    xsl:style sheet version..... ?> to the resultant XML document.

    Any ideas please? I hope I have explained it all well enough.

    Thank you

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    Re: XML ,XSL, XSLT problem

    I think you want the <xsli>...</xsli> element.

    Putting a stylesheet 'processing instruction' (not the same as an
    opening tag) into the XML is not something I would do myself. I
    prefer to allow for different outputs from the same source.

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    Re: XML ,XSL, XSLT problem

    If you are controlling the document generation, then you will continue
    to allow for this. Adding a stylesheet PI is simply a way to recommend
    to the downstream user "if you want to see this the way I suggest, use
    this stylesheet". You may in many cases be dealing with users who would
    have no clue what to do with an XML file and may just blindly open it in
    a browser, expecting it to do something meaningful....

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