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Old 11-10-2008
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Invalid TLV Record error

In crystal report 9 I have some major problem. We have a VB 6.0 system in a company which creates a report in crystal 7.0. This system used to work fine. We updated our system to Crystal 9.0 and we have made the necessary changes in our VB6 system. If we run the system without updating the report file from crystal 7 to crystal 9, it works perfectly. If we open de Crystal Report 7 file in Crystal Report 9, save it (in crystal 9) and try to run the VB6 system, we get the: Invalid TLV Record, and the application terminates. Need help for solving this problem.
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Old 11-10-2008
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Solving the "Invalid TLV Record" error in running Crystal Report

When attempting to run a crystal report and the error "Invalid TLV Record" is displayed, follow the steps below to overcome this error message.

  • Ensure the crystal report versions match. (i.e., the version in which the report has been created has to match the version at the client's workstation.)
  • If the versions are the same and you still get the error, it could be due to a "copy paste mismatch". Try copying the .rpt file in a different location and then running it.
  • This error comes up more in the case of custom reports and due to file type / path mismatch. Try pasting the file through a .zip / .rar format and then unzip it to the desired location.
  • If this does not solve the problem, check for the presence of important dll files in the client computer.
  • Another associated error message (due to copy paste mismatch) will be "Dos error".
  • Verify all dependencies of craxdrt.dll have been installed and registered. (Use dependency walker and/or .dep file)
  • If the viewer is reading a file saved with data, check the file length. If it happens to be of zero bytes, then delete the file.

For more info see this link.
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Old 11-10-2008
Join Date: Dec 2007
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Invalid TLV record can be caused by a corrupted report file or a report file from the wrong version of CR.

Export modeller problem
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Old 11-10-2008
Join Date: Dec 2007
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See this Solution
The "Invalid TLV Record" error message may appear for the following reasons:

? There are missing runtime files on the client computer. Check the Developer Runtime Help file (Runtime.chm) installed with Crystal Reports for a list of required runtime files.

? 'UFManager.dll' is not distributed to the client computer. Ensure that it is located in the "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Crystal Decisions\2.0\bin" folder.

? Crqe.dll is not registered on the client computer. On the taskbar, click the 'Start' button, and then click 'Run'. In the 'Open' text box, type 'regsvr32 <path to crqe.dll>'. For example,

regsvr32 "c:\program files\common files\crystal decisions\2.0\bin\crqe.dll"

? The report file has become corrupted. For more information, refer to knowledge base article c2005670.

? The client computer does not have the 'CommonFiles' registry subkey. To create this registry subkey, follow these steps:

Using the Registry Editor can cause serious problems that may require reinstalling the operating system. Crystal Decisions is not responsible for any problems resulting from using the Windows Registry Editor. Use the Registry
Editor at your own risk. It is recommended that you back up the registry before you edit it.

1. On the taskbar, click the 'Start' button, and then click 'Run'.

2. Type 'Regedit' in the 'Open' combo-box, and then click 'OK'.

3. Expand the registry key:

\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Crystal Decisions\9.0\Crystal Reports

4. Right-click the 'Crystal Reports' folder, select 'New' | 'String Value', and name the new key 'CommonFiles'.

5. Right-click the 'CommonFiles' subkey, select 'Modify', and type the following value in the 'Value data' text box:

"C:\Program Files\Common Files\Crystal Decisions\2.0\bin\"

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