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    Paging Results

    I just have a question that comes to me in the deletion.

    I have a table and to establish the numbers I did a simple code in which I place in the last row of the table and I think a new one, use the value of the previous record for creating the next record, such as in the interio I have the record number of invoice is 0000000001, then you join a default and then put what I have 0000000002, up here all right.

    Supposedly, all with loads whether SET DELETED ON, it is assumed that if you work at the tables will be as if the records are not markings to clear allowing for example this, I have recalled the last record that METI erased and this was 0000000003, as it turns out that instead of the page create 0000000003 and 0000000002, 0000000004 creates me.

    I'm doing something wrong?, The SET DELETED ON what I have in the main program, does not happen?

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    Are you sure that is deleted in September ON? on what data you're taking the numbering of the invoices: What about the registration number or value of the field?

    You should see the code while numbering .. Anyway you should not remove power bills ... if that happens remove the bill by 5 and you're 9 ... 5 bill will not exist anymore and neither will issue the system.

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    Is not like you've done the code, but it seems to me that the most correct is not to eliminate the bills, but to establish a field to tell you if it is overturned or not. While this design themes are already.

    Finally I would be interested to know how the subject of printing, since I was in the pc to win 98 SE I have not been able to solve.

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    I understand what you say Praetor, to cancel them, and done something similar, look at where invoices are stored in a table but which are not black, you just explained to a report and created the necessary data, and that within report that the operations necessary to create invoices using the main form of invoices with the numbering only, normal that would change this number and to remain correlative what I do is that the bill was not in black bears, but you make two copies, the person who uses it, as these are not something that should be put into a database.

    Is being done as a receipt, so it does not use the store TABLEREVERT (. T.) to insert in a cancel button, with this passage that someone fix the mistake was putting the datas.Ya it's all a bit messy but no way professional and my level of programming is high but I do not have anybody that can correct me in some respects. Simple I am raising the doubt and resolve as you can and if I ask you have done with some things I did not realize, better than best.

    As for the printed on Win98, I use the vFP9.0, and until now win 98 and XP and above all not had any problems with the form, fox organizes everything for you by leaving direct to the printer, test simple to make a PREWIEV and prints from, so if you go out there, make a copy to check, maybe not have the printer as the default, if I learn something and you put on here. I do not know hoe to resolve this doubt.

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